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Trouble in paradise – Chapterz

30 November 2021
It seems like it will be a long road for Bernard to make amends with Dr Bridget.
PM Chapterz

The next chapter of Chapterz opens up to no peace in Dr Bridget’s household after she found out her husband has been cheating on her with Appollo Musoke’s daughter; should we say no peace in her household AND her work environment? Remember, Dr Bridget is the Musoke family physician!

Messy and muddy is you ask us…

Bernard, her husband doesn’t deny the affair but swears he and Catherine, Appollo’s daughter always used protection and the pregnancy Dr Bridget is on about is not his, or could be fake news. This hasn’t brought any comfort to Dr Bridget, which has left us wondering what’s better, your husband admitting to cheating and using protection, or never finding out at all? Whatever it is, we certainly don’t want to be in her shoes.


Fuelled up with resentment, Dr Bridget threatened to spill the beans to Appollo if Bernard didn’t confess to the Musokes. Bernard didn’t think this was a good idea and we see why. As much as it’s morally the right thing to do, Dr Bridget might risk losing a bag she has secured for years.

Bernard also threatened to leave his marriage if Bridget doesn’t support him and mentioned he doesn’t know where their relationship currently stands – talk about reverse psychology! The man even took off his wedding band to show how serious he is about this threat.


Catherine is also on her own revenge power trip. She threatened to teach Bernard a lesson for taking advantage of young women’s vulnerability; women like herself. Apparently, Bernard never told her he is a married family man. What’s new Catherine? Taking it up a notch, she organised for him to be kidnapped. Her demands? She wants him to divorce Dr Bridget.

What happens next?

Bernard seems to be in a tight corner and the only way to get himself out of this one is to fake-sign the divorce papers Catherine brought to him. But if he signs, they will be sent to Dr Bridget, and she might think his threat had weight. We hope she smells something is off and tries to contact the police following her husband’s disappearance.

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