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The walking dead – Mama and Me

07 April 2022
After months of wondering what happened to the buried body, Amito finally has the answer.
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Amito buried her husband in the backyard of their home after she thought she had killed him. Diane’s curiosity led her to discover her father’s jacket in the backyard and she started asking questions.

For the longest time, Amito did not know what had happened to her husband’s body; and what she did to him is a secret she is willing to take to the grave.

However, it turned out, Obere did not die. He found a way to get himself out of the hole and escaped, leaving Amito to wonder what could have happened to the body.

It came as a shock to Amito when a blast from the past came knocking at her front door ready to tell the kids what had happened.

With all the fighting and abuse in their marriage, Obere now wants something to hold on to. He wants the house Amito bought for herself so that he does not tell the children what transpired.

The question remains, will Amito give in to her husband’s blackmail and give him the house? Will she deny everything and hope her children believe her?

Find all the answers as the show continues Mondays – Wednesdays at 8:30 pm on Pearl Magic DStv channel 161 and GOtv channel 304.