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Between Us


The plot thickens between us

04 November 2021
Complicated doesn’t even begin to describe the situation between Rosemary and Petero’s families.
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As we already know, Rosemary and Petero are in love, but because of their family history, the two can’t be together. They both moved on and married other people, but did they really move on?

Soon after Petero learnt that Rosemary is pregnant with his child, Musunguzi, Rosemary’s father, was fuming with anger, so much so that he advised her to lay a rape charge against Petero as a means of “avoiding shame” in the village. But hold up! Kate, Petero’s wife, is pregnant too, and Tembo, Rosemary’s husband, could be the father – what a mess chile!!! 🙆🏾

As soon as Tembo found out about Kate’s pregnancy he was taken aback. He reached out to Kate, but not out of concern. A confrontation ensued between the two and it was lit! Tembo told Kate where to get off; to find the father of her child because it’s not him and to leave him alone as he’s a married man! Wait, it doesn’t end there. Kate fired back, telling him he should thank her for giving him something his wife never would. Tembo is furious at the disrespect levelled at his wife’s name and accuses Kate of drugging him and possibly raping him. 👀

As we’re on the edge of our couches with this drama, we can’t help but wonder if it wouldn’t be easier and more peaceful if these couples switched partners and their families let bygones be bygones? Maybe, but then we wouldn’t have all these juicy stories. 🔥

Stay tuned to Between Us to see how this will turn out.