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Patriko Mujuuka: Jack of all trades – The Pablo Live Show

29 July 2021
From theatre and TV to radio and politics, Patriko has done it all.
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An ad on the radio calling for actors was all it took for Patriko Mujuuka, an electrical engineer, to decide the arts were his calling. He spoke to Pablo on his show detailing how his love for theatre and acting came about.

Director Justice Potter was so impressed with his stage performance that Mujuuka started believing in himself and his passion for performing was ignited.

He already has a couple of big productions under his belt, but for Patriko Mujuuka an advert he did while still at university will forever remind him of his humble beginnings.

He recalled how that particular ad was big at the time but people in Uganda believed it was a South African advert, because the director was from South Africa. He jokingly added that he tried to get people to recognise him on it, but they never did.

When he felt he had cemented his place in the theatre and television space, Mujuuka branched into radio. He became one of the first people to work for Radio Sapientia, a Catholic station in Uganda.

After twenty years in entertainment, he felt he had done enough for the industry, and part of him needed to help people from the villages. That’s when he decided to join politics.

“I felt like I had not done enough for the village people and I started wondering what is that I could do for them,” he said.

Though he didn’t win the elections, he believes his time campaigning opened doors that he wouldn’t have had access to had he not tried.

At the moment he’s back on radio and can be seen on The Honourablez every Wednesday and Thursday on Pearl Magic.

Catch The Pablo Live Show every Saturday at 8pm on Pearl Magic DStv channel 161 and GOtv channel 304.