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Most dramatic moments on Pearl Magic: Part 2

04 November 2021
We continue to look back at the moments that left us in awe.
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So much has happened in the last three years! Let’s continue to look back at some of the best moments in Ugandan television.

Half London

The Ghetto became home to the dwellers which meant, for people sharing the same space, conflicts and disagreements were bound to happen. Friendships were tested and we’ll never forget when Lucy and Sheila were fighting over Trevor.

Things got so bad between the two former friends that Lucy ended up kidnapping Sheila so that Trevor could be with her alone.

Luckily for Sheila, Trevor came to her rescue and Lucy went into hiding until the dust settled.

Loving Tyra

Where do we even start?

Do we start when Varina expressed jealousy towards her sister, Tyra, who “had everything going for her”, as she put it? Or when she eventually had the courage to kill Mathias, Tyra’s fiancé, and not be apologetic about it?

As if that drama was not enough, Tyra and Varina became sworn enemies over Mathias only to realise he was still alive.

Our Pearl Magic stars have given us a lot of OMG moments and we’ve been here for all of it.

Let’s celebrate Pearl Magic’s third birthday and stay tuned as the drama continues to unfold.

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