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Between Us


Most dramatic moments on Pearl Magic: Part 1

20 October 2021
We look at some moments that had us in total disbelief.
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You’d think three years is too little to have so many dramatic moments, but the Pearl Magic stars had us glued to our screens and holding on tight to our chairs.

Between Us

Talk about loving thy neighbour in the most literal sense. To think it wasn’t enough that Zebidayo had an affair with Musunguzi’s wife, his son Petero went and impregnated Musunguzi’s daughter, Rosemary.

“Love your neighbour as you love yourself” is a foreign phrase for Zebidayo and Musunguzi’s families.

Rosemary and Petero’s relationship grew despite the hate between their families. They chose love instead and that did not sit well with their parents.

Fast forward to the moment when both families succeeded in separating them. Indeed, they went their separate ways with Rosemary marrying Tembo and Petero marrying Kate.

Soon after her marriage, Rosemary found out she was carrying Petero’s child. To avoid shame in the village, she opted to stay with her husband and raise the child with him.

On top of her choice to stay in her marriage, her father advised her to open a case of rape and Petero was arrested.

As if that blow was not enough for Petero, his wife Kate recently found out that she is also pregnant. She has also been having an affair, with Tembo, and now has no idea who the father of her child is.

We’ve only heard of a love triangle before, but with these four we’ve learned there is a love rectangle, too.

We can’t get enough of these two families’ drama, but we hope that one day they’ll make peace.

What If?

Oh child, where do we begin with William’s troubles? The man just can’t stay out of a mess. It’s always the assistant with these powerful men; and William is no different, as he had a passionate affair with his assistant Anita.

Soon his wife found out and, like a woman scorned, things got heated with Anita…literally. However, the drama doesn’t end there. Anita fought for her life and got back into William’s arms. Little did William know that Anita had been messing around...till his wife dropped an HIV-positive bombshell in his lap.


Will Junior ever be united with his family? There’s nothing his family isn’t prepared to do to get their son back, even his wife went as far as getting the police involved; yet the kidnappers had clearly stated the family must not involve the authorities.

Erusa seemed to have some insight into Junior’s whereabouts. The question is: how many names will she drag through the mud after singing like a bird to the cops?

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