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Money, secrets and murder – Mama & Me

20 January 2022
Lots of trouble is brewing on Pearl Magic’s Mama & Me – and we’ve got the scoop!
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Mama & Me hit our screens on 3 January with nothing but drama, starting with money issues between Amito and Obere, and then topping it off with a memorable sibling fight between Dianne and May.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s happened on the show so far:


We’ve been wondering why Obere has so many loans, yet he’s supposed to be a tenderpreneur? Well, we’ve guessed right; mans has been supporting another family (and no, not his mom or siblings) but another woman who he shares a child with. Wonders shall never cease! 👏🏾To access all these loans, Obere has been using his wife Amito’s name to get them, and now she stands to lose her land and everything she’s worked hard for. He eventually collapsed and died, but because everyone knew they’d been facing marital problems, Amito had no choice but to bury Obere in secret because she would be accused of killing him. This is already happening, by the way, but we’ll circle back.

Dianne vs May 🥊

Oh, these two! Can they stop already? Those of you who have siblings; were your fights as extreme as the ones we’ve witnessed between these two? Dianne even broke May’s arm at one point.😳


Let’s lay it down and see who’s taking the championship title in this round:

  • Round 1: Dianne broke May’s arm.
  • Round 2: For payback, May destroys Dianne’s social media influencer reputation. She posted a video of her milking a cow 🐄 and it of course went viral. 🔥 Remember, Dianne has been living a lie online.
  • Round 3: Dianne sold May’s hard drive. In it, it had her schoolwork and leads she had put together to figure out their father’s disappearance. If only she knew he’s buried in their yard.
  • Round 4: May threw Dianne’s phone into a pile of cow dung.

Who do you think will win this sibling fight between these two girls?

Obere’s disappearance is now known and his brother won’t back down from accusing Amito of possible murder. Do you think he’ll find out Obere is literally under everyone’s nose?👀


To see this drama unfold, catch Mama & Me at 8:30pm Monday to Wednesday on Pearl Magic DStv channel 161 and GOtv channel 304.