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Love ruined – Between Us

27 August 2021
Between Us has taught us that love is simple yet complicated.
Petero arrested, again – Between Us

Petero and Rosemary have been in love for as long as they can remember, but for some reason they can’t be together.

If they did things their way maybe their love story would have been one to aspire to.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • Their families are enemies but they both managed to overlook this and accept what their hearts felt. They were happy for a moment…until the news of their relationship surfaced, and old wounds were opened.
  • Their families being against their relationship took a toll on them. They eventually broke up and Rosemary ended up marrying Tembo.
  • While married to Tembo, she found out she was pregnant with Petero’s baby, and he was demanding to have rights to his baby.
  • Rosemary’s father forced her to lie to the police and say she was raped, landing Petero in jail.
  • She felt bad and later changed her statement, but her father wasn’t going to let her ruin his plan to destroy his enemies.

With everything that’s happened in their relationship, Petero and Rosemary have always put everyone else’s needs before their own. There have been outside forces they never managed to overlook or overcome.

Could it be they’re not meant to be together and that they’re forcing things? Or are they be meant to be together but not strong enough to stand against their families?

Either way, their love gets ruined bit by bit. If they eventually realise their love needs no one else but them, it might be too late.