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Is Varina giving up? – Loving Tyra

30 August 2021
It’s been a rollercoaster ride between Varina and her sister Tyra.
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It hasn’t been long since Varina got out of jail for the murder of her sister’s fiancé, Mathias. She confessed to her friend Bunny before she was arrested.

Mel, Tyra’s friend and business partner, has also been hard at work trying to prove that Varina killed Mathias. However, Varina has always been a few steps ahead. When she said, “I’m coming for all of you,” she meant it.

After she left prison, she went and kidnapped her sister. No one knows where Varina is keeping Tyra or where she stays. The only person in her corner is Bunny, whom she was relying on financially.

However, after Bunny told Varina she couldn’t raise the money, Varina was left shattered. Her plans to move Tyra from where she’s keeping her have come to a standstill.

If Bunny couldn’t help her, who will she reach out to next? Perhaps Angela? Only time will tell.

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