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How to score a date – Date My Family

07 April 2022
The dating game is not for the faint-hearted, but one must take the chance, right?
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Recent events on Date My Family Uganda have taught us never to visit your potential date's family unprepared.

The questions can be very personal; therefore, a display of reason and maturity always comes in handy.

From what the contestants have shown us, these are the three questions one needs to be ready for when on Date My Family:

Are you financially stable?

This question comes up for every bachelor or bachelorette and is usually the first question the families ask.

So, financial stability is a key factor for families to decide if the bachelor or bachelorette is ready to go on a date with one of their own.

Do you have kids?

The families are always cautious of how many children the bachelor has so they can determine if he will be able to take care of their daughter.

If a bachelor has one child, it's not a train smash for the families. However, it starts becoming a concern if there is more than one kid. Therefore, bachelors need to be prepared to answer this question.

Would you date yourself?

This question comes mostly when the families know the type of men the potential date usually goes for.

In Uganda, being tall is advantageous as we've seen a short man rejected because of his height.

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