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How strong is a mother's love? – Prestige

29 May 2023
Eunice and Jasmine can attest to how great a mother's love is.
Prestige mothers article

After discovering that Jasmine was carrying her son-in-law’s baby, Harriet took matters into her own hands and pushed Jasmine down the Kintu mansion’s staircase. 

The aftermath of this incident has been painfully hard for Jasmine's mother, who has been by her daughter's side since the call came in. Nevertheless, both Harriet and Jasmine's mother have demonstrated an undeniable and pure love for their children. 

Harriet, in particular, is willing to fight for her daughter, whether or not her actions are recognised. So, what is a mother's love? From the actions of these women, it is a love that protects and endures unconditionally. 

It is a love that is often inexplicable until one has experienced it for themselves. As Jasmine's life hangs in the balance, with the doctors considering surgery, the question remains: will she make it out alive? 

Stay tuned to Prestige to find out. Don't miss this AMVCA-nominated show, airing every weekday at 9:30 pm on Pearl Magic.