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History repeats itself – Between Us

01 July 2021
On her father’s advice, Rosemary opened a case of rape against the father of her baby.
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With Petero being in jail, we can’t help but reflect on a time when Musunguzi was also in jail bringing up the question: Will there ever be peace between Musunguzi and Zebidayo?

When Rosemary and Petero fell in love, they tried proving that love really can conquer hate. However, that became a distant dream when Rosemary chose to marry Tembo instead.

Even though her heart has always been with Petero, circumstances favouring their relationship were non-existent.

Zebidayo had an affair with Suzaana, Musunguzi’s wife and all hell broke loose. Battle lines were drawn when Zebidayo opened a case of assault against him. The feud was registered with no limits on how far they could take it.

When news broke that Rosemary was pregnant by her ex-lover, the opportunity for revenge landed in Musunguzi’s lap. And he made sure to use it.

If it was up to Rosemary, the truth would never have come out, because she didn’t want to be a shame to the village. The dilemma she found herself in made her vulnerable and she was willing to take any advice given to her.

Musunguzi advised her to open a case of rape against Petero, which would take away the shame, cutting him out of their lives for good. So she did just that.

Is there no other way things could have been handled by the two families? Probably, but this is the route they’ve chosen to take.

Will Rosemary be able to live with herself knowing she falsely accused a man she once loved of rape, thus making him missing out on his baby’s life?

Will Tembo accept the child as his and be closer to Rosemary than either believed they could?

What will it take for the two families to fix things? Because as things stand, the child will not be the solution.

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