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End of the road for Suzaana and Musunguzi? — Between Us

19 March 2021
Does Musunguzi's arrest spell the end of his marriage to Suzaana?
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Msunguzi says; I love you, but I can’t compete with another man for your love. Zebidayo says: I’ll do anything in my power to make sure that no man is happy with you.

The feud between Zebidayo and Musunguzi has gone on for far too long – and this time, things may have reached the point of no return.

Though both men might find other reasons to always be at each other’s throats, deep down they both know their actions directly or otherwise, are a desperate cry for Suzaana’s affection.

After their most recent fight which led to Musunguzi being arrested, pleas for Zebidayo to drop the charges fell on deaf ears. Zebidayo made it clear that he will not drop the charges, and many would suggest his actions were led by an ulterior motive.

While he was incarcerated, Musunguzi had plenty of time to think about his future with his wife. Leaving her seemed to dominate his thoughts and as a result, he took the decision to not speak to her. When she came to prison to check on his wellbeing, he instructed her never to visit him again. Suzaana’s desperate move to get the elders involved so they could plead with Zebidayo on her behalf proved unsuccessful, as he stuck to his word.

Assurance in marriage

Even though Musunguzi might have thrown the first punch and was in the wrong, his actions are a sign of a man on the verge of watching his wife slip away – and it is clear he has no control over the situation. This explains the hurt endured while in prison, and ultimately the decision he made to leave her.

However, Suzaana is singing a different tune. She knows where her heart belongs and it’s breaking her heart that Musunguzi has taken such a drastic decision. Her biggest mistake was making Zebidayo comfortable with making advances and allowing him to disregard her husband.

If you were in Musunguzi’s shoes, what would you have done if there was a man that is always competing with you for your wife’s affections? If you were in Suzaana’s shoes, how would you convince your husband not to leave you and the family you’ve worked so hard to build?

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