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12 November 2021
Our Perfect Wedding is back with a new season.

Our Perfect Wedding host Laura Kahunde is back to take us on couples’ journeys leading to their most memorable day. Here’s what we can’t wait to tick off from the check-list:


Will they be body fitting or in ball gown style? Either way, our brides always look good. However, it’s not only the bride’s look that matters, her bridesmaids need to compliment her look too. We love it when the maid of honour’s dress is slightly different from the bridesmaids’, this way we can easily spot who’s who.

Hair and makeup

What’s a bride without hair and makeup? Might as well take off that beautiful wedding dress and attend in regular clothes. We hope that this season, the makeup artists go all out, so we can try out the looks on ourselves.



Diamonds are girls’ best friends. This season we are anticipating counting the diamond carats.


We know over the years in weddings the groom’s job has been to just show up, but on this show, we see the guys excited about their suits just as much as the brides get excited about their dresses. We can’t wait to see the gents’ style.

Venue and décor


We can’t wait to see the beautiful works of décor artists in the wedding venues and episode after episode if just gets better. Ladies, grab your pen and paper for some inspiration.


Last but not least, the food. Who goes to an event without the intent to eat? Not us, that’s for sure. Will the food be enough, will the menu accommodate guests’ diets? We just have to wait and see…

Season one had beautiful love at first sight stories, couples beating the odds to fight for love, to relationships starting unconventionally through newspaper ads. We can’t help wonder what this new season has in store for us? One thing is for sure, we know it’s love, love and more love.

Be sure to catch the season two premiere of Our Perfect Wedding this Saturday 13 November at 8pm on Pearl Magic, DStv channel 161 and GOtv channel 304.