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Betrayal, family drama and success – Chapterz

01 February 2022
From Senga’s regime to Catherine, Bernard and Dr Bridget’s love triangle; the Chapterz cast has kept us glued to our screens.
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With Chapterz already turning the book to season three, we thought we should bring you up to speed with how we got to where we are today:

The love triangle

As you know, Bernard had an affair with Catherine and got caught! Catherine kidnapped him to teach him a lesson. However, seems like Bernard is back on the good doctor’s (his wife) books. The couple vowed to work things out and put everything behind them. Bernard went as far as requesting that they part ways with the Musoke family, but Dr Bridget isn’t keen on this. Can we blame her? This means she has to let go of a bag she’s secured for years.💰In all this Catherine hasn’t backed down! 👀 Sis is still demanding Bernard leave his wife for her. 🙆🏿‍♀️


Hope has had enough!

Everyone has been walking on thin ice following Senga’s new house rules: no one leaves or enters the Musoke household without her approval! Hope finally reached breaking point, telling Senga where to get off. That’s not all, sis threatened to move out to go stay with her boyfriend. 🔥

Moving on to greater heights

C-Boss isn’t all about scheming his way to the top, he’s determined to make a decent and honest living. We couldn’t be happier for him. He’s about to be ‘Mr Super Producer’! C-Boss wraps up season 2 focused on his music career. We hope that this is his calling and he gets his big break!

Playing with fire! 🔥

Catherine, oh Catherine! Will we ever know what she’s cooking in that dangerous mind of hers? Remember she’s been on Bernard’s case to get a divorce and be with her? Well, Bernard wasn’t the only one cheating. Sis is also with Captain Mallijo on the side! What a mess! 🤦🏿‍♀️

What’s her game plan? will Mallijo and Bernard find out they have been played all along? Let’s wait and see.


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