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Best of 21: Memorable shows

11 December 2021
We look at some of the shows that came to an end, and others that started, in 2021.
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Since Pearl Magic started airing on DStv Channel 161 and GOtv channel 304 three years ago, we’ve enjoyed the best when it comes to Ugandan storytelling.

False Dreams

How can we ever forget the drama that Jonathan and Melissa subjected us to when it came to their relationship?

Remember when Melissa informed him that she was pregnant, and they had mixed emotions about the pregnancy?

With so much happening between them – like Melissa casting him out and not wanting him to be part of the child's life – they really had us in our feels.

Mistakes Gals Do

Many could relate to the everyday struggles of being romantically involved, in Mistakes Gals Do. We learnt that it is okay to follow your heart; and when it comes to love, no one knows everything.

Half London

This show had many memorable moments. The life of the dwellers of Half London had us in stitches and in tears at the same time.

The friendships formed were the best at their peak and nasty when they ended. During 2021, we lived for those moments every Thursday and Friday.

The show might have ended but we were introduced to other equally amazing shows in 2021.

What If

We know office romances are never a good idea. So when What If hit our screens, and William got involved with Anita, we knew trouble was brewing.


Chapterz taught us that intervention works sometimes. When Apollo thought he had lost his family to immorality and city life, his sister came to the rescue to restore order in his house.

Stay glued to Pearl Magic for amazing Ugandan stories on DStv channel 161 and GOtv channel 304.