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Best of 2021: Villains of the year

04 December 2021
The good and righteous believe there is no place for evil in the world.
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However, if that reality existed, we wouldn't have been able to fully understand human emotions. If anything, the existence of villains makes us stronger because the fight is equally competitive.

The same can be said about some of our famous villains on Pearl Magic.

Let's take a look at some of the characters we loved to hate in 2021.

Varina on Loving Tyra

A villain's mission is to spot happiness and quickly squash it before the rival can get too excited.

Varina did exactly that when she saw that her sister Tyra had love and everything beautiful surrounding her. She executed a one-woman plan to eradicate, one by one, everything and everyone that made her sister happy.

For a while, she had everything going for her until she met an even bigger villain, Helen.

Lucy on Half London

Oh Lucy! She had no friend or sister. If she felt like destroying someone's relationship to make herself happy, she did not think twice

When she took Trevor from her friend Sheila, we knew she was trouble. As if that was not enough, she kidnapped her former friend because of the same guy.

Zebidayo on Between Us

If there's a person who should be identified as cold-hearted, Zebidayo fits the profile. He's an unforgiving man who constantly pokes and stirs trouble with his enemies, who happen to be his long-time neighbours.

He had an affair with Musunguzi's wife and was not sorry about it. He also got Musunguzi arrested for no reason, just to prove he could.

Martha on What If

Martha is no ordinary journalist. She's an investigative journalist who often doesn’t do things by the books. Trouble excites her and she is brave enough to confuse her enemies.

She stops at nothing for a scoop and she’s everyone’s least favourite journalist in Kampala.

2021 will forever be the year that our villains came to play, and we would not have wanted to experience it anywhere else than on Pearl Magic. Remember to tune in on DStv channel 161 and GOtv channel 304.