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Back like they never left – Between Us

20 December 2021
Between Us has been on a season break, leaving us curious and wanting to know what will happen next in the Rosemary, Petero, Tembo and Kate love square (because love triangle would be putting it mildly). And now, our favourite show is back!
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Before the show paused, Rosemary had found out about Kate’s pregnancy and confronted Tembo, her husband, as he is alleged to be Kate’s baby daddy. Yes, Kate is the one married to Patero and he is in love and expecting a child with Rosemary. It didn’t end there – we know, you’re probably wondering “what now?” Not only did Petero get arrested but he got Kate arrested as well… drama! 👀

On the other side of the village, plans of arranged marriages were being put in motion. Godfrey’s father has been on his neck about getting married to Betty and staying away from Tessa. His motivation? Betty is beautiful and he doesn’t get where the resistance to marry her is coming from. Safe to say he is definitely not a Tessa fan.

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It doesn’t matter how much people hurt Petero because he will still have a good heart. Now that Kate has been hospitalised. he went to check up on her but was chased away like a dog by her mom. Kate’s family clearly wants nothing to do with him.

What he and everyone else don’t know, however, is that Kate won’t only be getting out of hospital but will be free from going back to prison too! We can only wonder what her plans will be when she’s out.🔥

Will Kate come back to avenge herself with Patero, get even with Tembo for denying her pregnancy and insinuating she drugged him, or will she try to be on his right side so that she spites Rosemary? We will stay glued to our screens to watch how this will play out.


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