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Ways to secure the bag! – Pearl Magic Prime

10 October 2023
Discover the secrets to living the life you were destined for, as revealed by the characters from Pearl Magic Prime.
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Uncover the key strategies to ensure that you stay on track towards a life of abundance, comfort, and freedom from obstacles. A life that is not just desirable, but also requires financial resources. 

Witness how various characters have defied the odds and proven that it's not about one's background or resources, but rather the determination to do whatever it takes to achieve success. 

Join us as we look into the lives of these individuals and their journeys towards survival and prosperity!

Maxwell: Embracing the unconventional

Maxwell has taken a unique approach to regain his procurement position at D&C. Instead of following the traditional path, he sought assistance from an unexpected source - delving into the world of juju.

Sanyu: A risky game of seduction

Sanyu finds herself immersed in a dangerous game, but her vision is clear. By captivating Ammoti's attention, she believes she can secure a lucrative contract worth millions for their business. Yet, the question remains - is it worth jeopardising her marriage? Only time will reveal the answer.

Tina: The art of financial stability

Tina can be described as nothing less than a slay queen. With a disdain for financial instability, she quickly moved on from Moses, who was drowning in debt, and returned to an old flame - Dylan Kaya.

As her husband's life begins to stabilise, Tina seems to be forging her own path to success, making strategic moves to secure her future.

Oscar: Sue the Family

Oscar, along with his wife, is determined to create a sustainable future for himself, Sanyu, and their unborn child. His recent conflict with Patrick over leadership of Kirunda Fashions has forced him to leave the company. However, leaving empty-handed is not part of his plan.

Now, Oscar is considering legal action against the company to claim his rightful shares. Linda, on the other hand, is prepared to fiercely oppose him to ensure he

receives nothing. It's a difficult situation, but Oscar will stop at nothing to secure his financial well-being.

Ssuubi: Works as a Maid

Ssuubi's story reflects that of an ordinary adult who strives to earn an honest living and see where it takes her. Despite working in a toxic environment, she has found a silver lining: she has taken the opportunity to pursue further education.

These characters teach us valuable lessons, but the key takeaway is that they prioritise their own interests above all else.

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