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The ‘Prazy’ chronicles: Navigating the wild world of Paris Kaya

06 March 2024
Introducing the term 'Prazy'—born from the wild and wacky world of behaviour that defies the norms, just like Paris Kaya!
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Are you feeling a bit askew, like your behaviour is veering into the realm of the peculiar? Well, fear not! You might just be experiencing the five stages of 'Prazy,' a condition expertly demonstrated by the one and only Paris Kaya. Let's take a hilarious journey through the stages of 'Prazy' and see if you're in need of a slap back to reality. 

1. Distant Admiration Stage: Ever catch yourself daydreaming about someone and envisioning them as the answer to all your problems? That's the subtle sneakiness of the Distant Admiration Stage, where you transform your father's right-hand man into a potential soulmate. Paris, we're looking at you. 

2. The Jealousy Stage: Things get dicey when a third party enters the scene. For Paris, poor Ssuubi unwittingly became the third wheel in her and Marcus' non-existent world. Jealousy is such a slippery slope! 

3. The Scheming Stage: Considered the danger zone, the Scheming Stage is where 'Prazy' individuals start concocting wild plans. Paris took it to the extreme, faking a pregnancy just to keep Marcus by her side. The lengths people go to for love, right? 

4. The Denial Stage: It gets even crazier when denial kicks in. Paris couldn't accept that her dream was as distant as a unicorn. So, what did she do? Befriended Ssuubi to show Marcus a mirror image of the girl he saw at the bar. (Now Marcus is out here judging Ssuubi for going to a club) And she didn't stop there—she roped in poor Jade and Dylan into the chaos. 

5. Healing Stage: The light at the end of the 'Prazy' tunnel! This stage is where individuals accept their 'Prazy' ways and embark on a journey toward sanity. Unfortunately, for Paris, this stage is a distant dream. Who knows when she'll snap out of it? 

So, if you find yourself waltzing through these stages, it's time to seek help quickly. The world could do with fewer 'Prazy' people for a smoother everyday life. 

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