What to watch this September! – Pearl Magic Prime

01 September 2023
This new month, enjoy the best of home-grown entertainment.
September article cover

Get ready to be entertained this September as Pearl Magic Prime brings your favourite onscreen characters to life! Brace yourself for a captivating and drama-filled experience! Here's a glimpse of what you can expect from your beloved shows this month:


Experience the gripping deceit and drama on Damalie this September. Join Damalie as she navigates the complexities of love and work, all while striving for a fulfilling life. Will she be able to accept the renewal of Joel and Isabella's vows? And most importantly, will she uncover the truth behind the threats and break-ins?

Tune in to Damalie every Monday to Wednesday at 7:30 pm and be part of the intense storyline.


On Sanyu, chaos surrounds Sanyu as she tries to distance herself from the Kirundas. What will it take for her to come back? Oscar is desperate to bring her back into the Kirunda mansion!

Discover if Lucy's trial outcome will finally convince the Kirundas that Francis can't be trusted, just as Patrick has been warning them. Catch Sanyu every weekday at 8 pm.


In the battle for power, Dylan tirelessly proves to his father that he's ready to take the reins of the company. Witness Monica's fiery attitude as she never fails to confront Ssuubi.

Don't miss a single episode of Beloved, airing every weekday at 8:30 pm, to witness the gripping struggle for power and the unyielding characters in this captivating series.


Anne, an independent and resilient woman, continues to live life on her own terms. Join her on an exciting journey filled with surprises and revel in her captivating story.

Discover the world of Anne on Kanseeme, where she opens up her heart and invites you to witness her daily life activities with her loved ones!

Make sure to tune in every Sunday at 8 pm to catch this incredible reality show that will keep you hooked from start to finish.