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Walter is not Mabalwa's father – Wounds

30 November 2021
Could Agnes lose Mabalwa forever?
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After 24 years of not being in her daughter's life, Agnes is working very hard to make things right. The Healing Hands Hospital matron was forced to give her child away due to unfavourable circumstances more than two decades ago, and t it looks like she won't able to fix the mistakes of her past. She recently discovered that Mabalwa was indeed her daughter, and, although this came as a surprise to her, she was willing to make up for lost time. 

Unfortunately, Mabalwa started dating Walter – a senior doctor at the hospital. This made things difficult for Agnes as she had a horrible experience with Walter years ago. She revealed to Neo that the doctor had raped her and she suspected that he was Mabalwa's father. She and Neo tried to warn Mabalwa about how dangerous her new boyfriend was, but she wasn't willing to listen. 

Neo then told Mabalwa that Walter could be her father, and she obviously didn't believe it and called Agnes a liar. The only way to prove this was through a DNA test and unfortunately for Agnes, the results came back negative.

Mabalwa was relieved and thought the whole process was a waste of her time. Will Agnes and Mabalwa be able to build a relationship after this? 

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