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Refilwe puts her career on the line – Wounds

06 December 2021
Will Refilwe regret her actions?
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After losing her baby a few weeks ago, Refilwe has vowed to help others who’ve experienced the same thing.

The nurse, who had a miscarriage, now believes that God’s plan for her is to help other mothers and that’s exactly what’s she’s been doing.

When one of her patients lost her baby, Refilwe told her that she could help her and her husband. “I lost a baby too. Twenty five weeks,” she said. “You can’t tell anyone about this. I’d lose my job, my family. I could even get arrested,” she told them.

She wasn’t lying because was she did after that was illegal. Refilwe stole the deceased baby’s remains from the hospital “medical waste” bin and gave them to the couple. She then accompanied them to the same area where she buried her own baby a few weeks earlier.

While this was done in secret, it turns out, someone was watching the entire time. Refilwe’s colleague and friend, Sindi, followed them as they headed to the abandoned area for the burial and saw the whole thing. She was obviously shocked and there’s no telling what she will do with that kind of information.

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