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Character of the week – Refilwe Dube

05 November 2021
All she’s ever wanted is something that’s hers.
Wounds - Refilwe

We met Refilwe as a nurse but quickly got to know that there are more layers to her than meets the eye. She is also a wife to Sonwabo Dube and since they’ve been married, they have been trying to have a baby but have along the way came across some challenges.

It seems to be all good in the beginning as she’s pregnant and living her best mommy-to-be life except the occasional nasty comments from her mother-in-law about not being able to have children but it all came to a sad conclusion.


Hang in there, baby


While on her way to work, the worst thing possible happened when Refilwe started to get suspicious cramps but the hope that everything is okay kept her going and she walked into a baby shower at work.


She lost her bundle of joy


Did Refilwe not make us cry?!! Unfortunately after trying to hold on, the doctors couldn’t do anything to save the baby and she sold her baby when all she wanted was to have something that’s hers, that she’s longed for for the longest time.


I want to bury my baby


As if it wasn’t painful enough, the episode got worse when she fought hard to find her baby’s remains and went out in the middle of the night to bury her.

She gave us such an emotional performance and it’s not about to be any easier.


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