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Playing with fire- Unmarried

06 June 2022
The unmarried hopefuls' lives are getting very exciting and hella messy. Often wanting or getting something that is not yours is thrilling and downright naughty but counting the cost is not often factored in when one is on a quest for victory.
enzo and mpilo

There is, however, a budding bromance that we live for between Zee and Kgalefa. They met up for drinks and poured their hearts out to each regarding their relationship woes and thoughts. Kgalefa is still not a fan of Mpilo, but Zee is still a big fan of Rea. He thinks that she is perfect, just as she is. It sounds like a rom-com, doesn’t it? Pity Rea does not rate him as a love match because she has set her sights on a bigger prize that will land an epic blow to Enzo and hopefully have Rea coming out shining at the end.

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Rea, blinded by her revenge and wanting to stop at nothing to get back at Enzo for stealing her high school boyfriend, has also neglected that one crucial piece, to count the cost. Now she must attempt her version of damage control in hopes that she can still be friends with Rea because, after all, they are friends, and they can withstand anything, right?
We are not so sure that that is the case. We have also realised that Rea is looking for love despite her armour wearing ways and looking like she is unaffected. She attempted to correct Mpilo when he referred to her and their night of passion as revenge. He laughed in her face and walked off, which left us feeling sorry for her even though she had been busy in the sheets with her best friend's man.

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It has not landed yet that not all things that glitter are gold, and her ‘skeem’ has a dark secret. She is not privy to the fact that Enzo is trapped in her relationship and is afraid of Mpilo as he hurts her and doesn’t treat her with the respect she needs. Involving herself in their relationship has the potential to land her in hot water.
Enzo’s relationship is not all rainbows and butterflies, and attempting to steal Mpilo may land her in the line of fire since Mpilo is on his revenge journey. Perhaps misery loves company in this case but be careful what you wish for, Rea; the grass is withered on that side. You might end up like the weeds that are allowed to grow with the grass but when full-grown get thrown away.