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Lessons from the unmarried of what NOT to do.

13 May 2022
The ladies of Unmarried have kept our Friday nights full of drama and fashion inspo and, of course, dating advice. Class is in sessions, and we are taking notes. Here are a couple of lessons we have learned from these beauties so far.
Unmarried s3

  1. Honesty is key

Who remembers when Mpilo found Enzo making out with her side piece Kgafela at his event? That did not end well, and fists were thrown. Or better yet, when Confidence purposely did not tell Kagiso that she had a son, and once she had caught feelings, it came out and how messy that breakup was.

  1. Judge not

How about the many times that Rea is so judgey, especially about relationships and other people, but she is so quiet about her own private life only to find out that she is equally guilty of the things that she looks down on people. A prime example was judging other females who have blessers when she also had her secret blesser, but shhh, Rea, your secret is safe with us for now.

  1. Shower power

We also learnt from Enzo that if you share the cookie jar, it is better to give yourself enough time to shower between seeing your partners because getting caught up in a moment can lead to an awkward one for yourself.

  1. Kick the green monster

Mpilo has taught us that it is better to stick to what you can handle. Jealousy took over him last week, and he organised for thugs to break into Kgafela’s house, beat him up, and make it look like a robbery. Sometimes letting go is not a bad idea because jealousy is not—a good look on anyone.

  1. A snatched wig can land you in jail.

Confidence learnt that the hard way. She ended up behind bars all because she couldn’t control her temper. A bit of whoosa and distance would have done the trick, Con. Us girls need to stick together, neh?

Whatever the lesson, we are here for it and continue to keep our pens taking those notes.

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