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Consistently yours - Unmarried

28 June 2022
Let’s look at Rea’s journey to finding love. How she consistently found herself in the wrong bed and ran from the right one but eventually found herself back where her heart found a haven.
Rea and Zee

Rea was not interested in Zee romantically as she was chasing a different type of love story for herself. One that would look like Enzo’s but be better in every way. She had a point to prove that she could get what Enzo had and more. It all started when Enzo stole her boyfriend in high school, and she never forgave her for it. So, it is no wonder she did not even consider Zee a viable love interest.


Next, she meets Percy, who is searching for someone to bless and make him forget about his marital woes. At first, she is not interested in him, and with time, she grows fond of him, and they get into a mutually beneficial relationship where love is not mentioned. He sponsors her makeover, and she is beaming with the newfound confidence that she needs. During this arrangement, she finds herself in Zee’s bed. Whether it was to make him hush after he found out that she was behind the social page, the real deal or just a moment of passion, it was not explored as she was still on her quest to be better than Enzo. That relationship/arrangement does not last long as Percy decides to give his marriage a second chance and breaks up with her.


At a slumber party, a wounded Rea laments her disappointment and embarrassment about the failed arrangement and confides to Mpilo how she feels about it. He also has a lot on his mind as he is upset with Enzo for calling him a bore in bed, but instead of proving Enzo wrong, he decides to get back at her by setting his sights on Rea. They end up sleeping together. Rea naively thought it was the beginning of something special as he had always been a good friend. So maybe this could have been the gradual progression of their relationship. It quickly becomes apparent that he only used her to get back at Enzo for cheating on him and making him part of a polyandry setup that he was not wholly feeling.


Reeling over that disappointment and losing her best friend over her questionable actions, she resorts to self-harm to feel something. Once again, Zee is there to pick up the pieces or, in this case, to sit with her in her pain. This occasion made her finally admit that she was in love with Zee. A gentle, quiet admission that the one thing she has been searching for has been hers all along, all she had to do was see it and take ownership of it. For these two, love came softly, and we hope it is here to stay.

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