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And the award goes to... - Unmarried

16 June 2022
Just when you thought you could not clutch your pearls tighter and use all the smelling salts to help you from the shock, episode ten brought us to our knees. When one part of the girl group was fighting for love, another was packing bags and ready for a fresh start. Before we go too far in the drama, we have to award a few queens in the umjolo awards.
goodbye real deal

We have to award Rea as the comeback queen as she started the episode defending her actions fueled by revenge. We can appreciate that Rea eventually was willing to listen to reason once Confidence and Zee spoke to her. She had to learn the art of letting go because her revenge binge was changing her and not for the better. It has left her alone, embarrassed and reeling from too much rejection. This brought her back to her core and who she would want to be and even let Zee delete her infamous page, The Real Deal. So all of these realisations that were backed with actions deserve this award wholeheartedly.

Confidence deserves the Boundary queen award as she sets and sticks to boundaries. She was also on a mission to fight for her love and owned up to the fact that she was falling for Akhona. She did not want to be a side chick and got an  A-plus for communication. She went as far as setting an ultimatum for Akhona; whether or not this blows up in her face, we will have to keep watching to see how this unravels. We are fast learning that umjolo is not for the faint of heart. It is a road littered with choices, speed humps, emotional roadworks, and, let's not forget, a million detours. 

Mpilo's mum wins the blackmail queen award.  She saw a sinking ship in her son's relationship with Enzo and decided to use what she had to keep it from sinking. She made it a point to find out all she could about Enzo's family, so if she ever needed to 'use' the information, she could. It turns out that Enzo's dad's death was intentional, and the perpetrator was none other than Enzo's mum. So to stop the truth from coming out, Enzo's mum had to play her part in getting Enzo to say yes to Mpilo again. 

This brings us to Enzo, who, unfortunately, 'wins' the stuck between a rock and a hard place queen award. Her relationships are tricky and messy, and her actions often lead to some sticky situations. In this case, she is paying for her sins from her high school days when she stole Rea's man. This led to her fallout with Rea when she found out Rea slept with Mpilo. We cannot feel bad for her there as karma gave her a long-awaited visit.  However, the situation with her mum is sad as she is paying for her mum's sins, which is unfortunate. She stands to lose the most in this whole arrangement/ engagement, and we hope that she chooses herself and her peace and safety soon because we are rooting for her. 

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