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Unmarried: What we will miss about the ladies

27 April 2018
Unmarried Girls


Say what you will about Lesego, but she was bravely authentic. While her character was questioned by many, thanks to her transactional relationships, she did not let the opinions of others corner her into self-doubt. Quite the opposite, Lesego often found herself having to cheer both Brenda and Thembi during those intense get-togethers during which each woman had something hectic to present to the table. Make no mistake, however, the show allowed us to experience the growth of Lesego as we got to dive into a dark childhood past that informs who she has become. 


She's the smart, driven and bold girl who is not afraid to go after what she wants. Having navigated the male-dominated corporate spaces in which she continues to fight to be heard, Brenda was the season's undisputed overachiever, at least in a material sense. Though, as Sizwe Khumbuza (the actor who plays 'security guard bae' on the show) mentions in a recent conversation we had with him, it is Brenda's big heart that makes her beautiful. 


If Brenda is the girl everyone wants to be, Lesego the girl everyone envies but judges, then Thembi is certainly the girl everyone can relate to. We've all been in trying situations in our lives where we needed a shoulder to cry on, when we've felt betrayed, lost... Season 1 was all about Thembi battling with sustaining a relationship which kept her in one place for long. Raising two beautiful children, she had to step outside of the false security that is promised by romance, to figure herself out away from home.