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Unmarried: Love, lust and drama

20 February 2018
Three very different ladies all with one common thread in their life...
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In between the laughs, shocking moments and reminders of the power of solid friendships, there is one strong theme throughout Unmarried: the pursuit of happiness.

Brenda, Thembi and Lesego couldn't come from more different backgrounds nor could they lead more different lives yet the three girlfriends all find themselves brought together by a common love and desire to just be happy and drama free. Of course we see this is currently the furthest thing possible as all their worlds are thrown into a tail spin through a series of unfortunate events. 


While on the surface she appears to have it all, the shocking revelation of her husband Donald's infidelity has burst her beautiful bubble and left her wondering if she can ever truly have her happily ever after. There's hope though for Brenda as there is no shortage of men dying to sweep her off her feet... question is though, are they serious? Time will tell.


Her head is on straight and her heart is in the right place but one can only suffer for so long. Nomathemba is doing the best she can to keep her family together however her husbands increasingly in ability to keep the household afloat is beginning to take it's toll. Perhaps it really is better to cry in a Range Rover.


Not all that glitters is gold. Lesego might be the most 'balling' of the ladies yet her glamorous life could quite possibly be the least fulfilled as she contends with the conditional love that is part and parcel when it comes to dating married man. To further complicated her #Blessed life, it seems her imperfect fairytale may be crumbling even further as Kenneth does what he does best: creeping.

Despite all these challenges though the ladies still have each other and there's seemingly nothing they can't get through together.

So join us every Friday as their tales unfold and we all secretly wish they find the happiness they desperately want and deserve.

Catch Unmarried Fridays at 19:30 on 1Magic, DStv 103