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Unmarried: Lesego's Slay Queen card declines

13 March 2018
Lesego's recent spate of rejection from her blesser candidates is throwing her off and we don't know what to do!
Unmarried Lesego

Lesego is going through the most right now. Having been in a transactional relationship with Kenneth - a married man who has been bankrolling her extravagant lifestyle while keeping his philandering dirt under wraps from his wife Doris, she prides herself on never having to hold down a nine to five to keep the lights on.

Yet in recent episodes of Unmarried, the 30-year-old has been experiencing a spate of rejection from Keneth (who's trying to end the affair because she's 'getting old' and apparently he's not?), a few other sugar daddy prospects who are flat out turning her down. 

But while most feel sorry for the outspoken 'Slay Queen's seemingly declining relevance in the blesser industry, it's her constant need for external validation that raises bigger questions. To test the waters, she put on a sexy mini photoshoot for her IG page. Sadly for her, the provocative visuals didn't do the numbers. 

It didn't stop there. She went home with Brenda's boss after a night of fun flirting. But what could have been a fun night quickly turned sour when it admitted to having thought she's a prostitute. 

What will happen now? Should Kenneth decide to discontinue paying for her life, she's screwed. What will she do?

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