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Season 5 wrap up – The River

06 February 2023
It’s been a very eventful season to say the least.
The new family - The River

One thing about The River, it will leave you with every emotion under the sun and some you can’t even put into words. Now that season 5 is coming to end, we’ve out together some big moments that left us with, yes you guessed it – every emotion under the sun.


The new family

The biggest most unexpected thing happened and that was us welcoming a new family, which came with its own headache. They are with the heists and their entrance has been a hot one ever since.


The messy love stories

It’s messy, beautiful, chaotic, and everything in between but that’s love and everyone deserves it. These ones didn’t let all that it comes with stop them from basking in it but man was it messy.


The babies

The most heart-breaking was Zolani and Emma losing their baby girl after being involved in a car accident and everything changed after that. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Paulina “lost” her baby while in hospital only for the truth to come out that Angelina switched the babies and chose to watch her mourn a child that wasn’t hers.


The shockers

What’s a season of our favourite with the shockers though, because these make it make all the sense. We found out Lindiwe has a while sister, Thuso decided to enter his soft era by taking two wives, Lerumo showed up and finished the women of Refilwe so brutally and Nthabi made sure Mlilo had no peace in his life.


It was a proper seven colours of emotions and now we must get ready for more when season 6 enters the chat. Tune in to The River weekdays at 20:00 on #1Magic.