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Nomafu gives in to temptation – The River

17 March 2023
The Ben10 came through with some good game.
The River (Nomafu)

It has been a matter of saying multiple "yoh's" a day since the day Nomafu decided to take her conversation with Siphiwe to the hotel room and spent the night with him. It all started when Thumbeza went out of town leaving his wife to do a solo date night and then bump into Vero (this alone was interesting 😅), and then coming across a young gorgeous man. 

Fun and regret 

After spotting Siphiwe and asking how old he is, it wasn't too long till Nomafu gave in after he whispered some cute little nothings and convinced her to have some fun. It is shocking how easily it is for both Thumbeza and Nomafu to step out of their marriage because it seems to be the thing even though it ends in tears. Last time the woman that came into their marriage ended up being hit by a car that Nomafu was driving and now, the man in their marriage is refusing to leave. 

Be my sugarmama 

It all happened so fast, one minute Siphiwe was asking Nomafu to help him pay off his fees at school which she did and soon he was threatening her, showing up at her house and then asking for a whole car. 

Here's your reactions;

Now that Siphiwe has been arrested as a threat to get out of her life, Nomafu still has a lot of work oon her shoulders. 


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