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Light amidst the sadness – The River

19 February 2023
It hasn’t been a great time in River land but there’s been some light finally.
The River wrap up

Unfortunately even when the sun tries as hard as it can to shine, they’ll always be some dark clouds putting on a fight to be the main character and that’s the best way to describe this past week on The River.


Kicking Lindiwe while she’s down

Lindiwe has been going through a very hard time now that she’s mourning both Zolani and Zweli at the same time. Instead of being the good business people they should be to her, the Hlophes decided to start the week off planning to take the mine from her while she’s “weak”. They have been scheming and even using Andile along the way (knowing Andile, you can imagine how this is going) to mess the miners salaries increase and make sure that he messes up and efforts them the gap they need to take over.


Dimples to walk the graduation stage

The Duchess of Cullinan fought a good one after not making it all the way last time in her studies. She repeated the modules that she failed and has now made it but not everyone (read Angelina especially 😩) has been very happy about her and Thuso spending money on her celebrations but they both couldn’t care less.


And did!


Bangizwe has entered the chat

Lindiwe’s life been in shambles but reuniting with her childhood friend Bangizwe has been the distraction she needed and the one thing that has brought a smile back on her face. It’s been quite obvious that he’s been happy to see her again and even though she’s been just as pleased, it hasn’t crossed her mind that it could be anything more than that.


It's only been a week but it looks promising, both Dimpho’s future and Lindiwe going back to being happy again. As for the Hlophes fighting Lindiwe, it remains to be seen how it pans out.


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