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It's homegrown and we love it

21 February 2023
Your Friday night entertainment is the girl she thinks she is.
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At 1Magic, we aim to keep you entertained with the best entertainment. Our ladies are doing the things, and we are giving them their flowers because our Friday night women's takeover has you in tears with how Zolani and Paulina made their exit on The River. Then just as you recover from that, you are met with piping hot tea and drama that only the Real Housewives of Gqebhera can bring. To end your night, we inspire you with Grown Woman and how she rebuilds her life after loss.

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You can indulge in the last and final season of The River. It is going to leave you wondering what is next. Already we have not recovered from Paulina and Zolani’s deaths. The latest shocker was our couple that has been through thick and thin being no more. Lala has left the chat; this time, it is final, as the divorce papers have been signed. Lindiwe is in a vulnerable position as, in a short time, she has lost her right-hand man, her love, and her enemies are frothing at the mouth because they want her mine. Talk about kicking a dog when it is down. On weekdays, you can watch The River at 20:00 and see what becomes of Lindiwe and many others. Will tragedy and misery reign, or has Dimpho’s graduation brought on a new era of good news that we desperately need because we feel the loss a little too much? Read more on the River here

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On a lighter note, we can move on to the Real Housewives of Gqebhera, who brought on the giggles and entertained us weekly. From their fashion sense and very informative and sometimes shady diary sessions to explore the beauty of Gqebhera. The messiness keeps us entertained as the housewives do not leave any stone unturned from laughing at Liz, who mistook wasabi for avocado. To Ash, who put her foot in her mouth where Noma and Buli are concerned. The ladies are the table, and we stan these queens. You can watch them on Friday at 20:30 every Friday. You can watch more highlights here

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We end our Friday nights with yet another homegrown show, Grown Woman, that promises to keep you glued to your screen. From the star-studded cast to the eye candy so pleasing to the eyes. To the well-written show that is Grown Woman. You can expect humour, as there is never a dull moment with the Hlatshwayos, from the nosey relatives who help themselves to anything to the uninvited neighbours who can’t help but compare. We also get to experience Tina's tumultuous relationship with Noxee, and lest we forget, the gaping hole Sbu’s death left in the family is so apparent. How will they rebuild? Will Tina allow Ra into her heart? And if so, what will the cost be to that? You can expect all this and more when you tune in a 21:30 every Friday. Read more here.

With so much to look forward to, there is nowhere else to be but with us as your entertainment is taken care of; all you have to do is bring the snacks, and it’s a date. #1Magic