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Andile gives Bangizwe a no – The River

10 March 2023
Moving on is happening way too fast for Andile.
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The end of Lalaland also known as Lindiwe and Zweli love shock and left our jaws on the floor and dealing with it has been an interesing journey. Now, it's been tricky for us but imagine what their son Andile has been going through just after losing Njabulo and Zolani as well. 

Lindiwe said "not in my house sir" 

Lindiwe has been going through jher era of losing people close to her, an era that no one thought would ever come and a very sad one for her. We've seen her hurt, sad, vulnerable and so down bad that everyone around her started to think she'll never get out of that, until a man on the side of the road who happens to be very good at cars by the name of Bangizwe showed up. He came in and even though expressing his feelings scared Lindiwe, it also helped her get her smile back and excitement for life. 

The first visit for dinner got off on the wrong foot or rather the wrong sitting when Bangizwe sat on Zweli's old seat. It only got worse when Andile started asking him about his intentions for his mother because all he can see is a chancer which of course made things turn sour and very tense at the table.

This only lasted for a couple of days though before Lindiwe packed some black plastics and decided that Andile should go set his rules elsewhere. 


Andile orders a hit!

Being so determined to make sure that Bangizwe remains in his shop and nowhere near Lindiwe, Andile decided to order unknown men to set Bangizwe's house on fire and make sure that he dies in the process. This ends being an epic fail when he makes it out alive and worse, end up having to move in the very same mansion that he wanted him very far from. Yhuu! 

Bangiwe might have forgiven Andile but it remains to be seen if they will have a health relationship moving forward. 


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