Characters of the week – The Mokoenas

28 June 2022
The isithembu we never saw coming!
characters of the week, the mokoenas

The Mokoena household is never peaceful for a very long time but what’s happening now just took it to a whole other level that no one saw coming.


Leaving Angelina at the alter

Thuso doesn’t mind going after what he wants but that means hurting other people along the way and most of the time, that doesn’t stop him in his tracks anyway. Exhibit A, when he chose to leave Angelina on their wedding day to go and be with Paulina instead of doing what anyone with pure intensions would do, which would be communicating.


There’s a baby on the way!

Imagine our surprise when the doctor called Paulina to let her know that she’s pregnant, she wasn’t the only one asking “I’m pregnant with what?” because we were right there with her. It took her a few seconds before it hit her that she went back to the one person she swore she’d never be with again and worse fell pregnant with his baby.


How about “Welcome home baby”?

While Thuso and family put the shock behind them and started to bond and accept that there’s little Mokoena on the way, Angelina made the return of the year and ruined it all for everyone but did she?

After all, she is married to Thuso and the house is theirs so if all is being fair, she’s allowed to be part of the family and fight for what’s hers. In saying all of that, nothing is stopping Paulina from fighting for her love as well so


The Mokoena household aka the WWE ring!

And this is what it has all led to;


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