Characters of the week – Dimpho and Nkanyiso

21 November 2022
The combo we never knew we needed!
Dimpho character of the week

Refilwe has been a love magnet of late and thanks to what its been putting out, Nkanyiso was able to meet Dimpho and things were never the same after that.


I’m doing her a favour

“A player will always be a player” and we could put all our trust in Nkanyiso to further prove that notion right, and boy did he! After deciding to go to Refilwe with Mlilo, they ofcourse bumped into Beauty and Dimpho and it only took him minutes to be taken by her. As the two adults that they are, they decided to end the night off at the hotel but Mr lover boy expected Dimpho to be all over him because of what he has but he was in for a surprise when she went cold as ice.

This of course left Nkanyiso sour and he started going off about how he was doing her a favour to begin with (cheese boy chronicles) but did didn’t solve anything.


Falling for each other

After much denial from Nkanyiso and Dimpho insisting that she’s not about to look like a clown for a boy, they eventually gave it a chance and decided to be together.


It’s Duchess D for coach!

Their happiness didn’t last for long because again, “a player will always be a player” and his name is Nkanyiso. Even after introducing Dimpho to his family and receiving the warmest welcome, he still cheated with an ex.

It didn’t take long for Dimpho to find out and then the Tswana girl came out in full force. Nkanyiso crawled back to her, she forgave him but with terms and conditions which meant she would now be the coach and doesn’t want to be privy to anything that he does.


“Don’t dish it if you can’t take it”

Nkanyiso took it way too far as if cheating once wasn’t bad enough but getting caught multiple times was enough to make Dimpho dish it as well and she brought it all.


We have to stan!

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