Characters of the week – Beauty and Mlilo

07 August 2022
Love is in the air and nothing can stop it from blossoming, not even Bukhosi.
Beauty and Mlilo

To say this was an unexpected partnership would be an understatement of the year. It all started when Mlilo decided to visit Paulina’s tavern now that he works at Khanyisa Diamonds and that’s when he spotted Beauty and it’s safe to say it was love at first sight because she was just as taken by him.


We can all agree that they both deserve happiness. Beauty is smitten and we love this for her because she’s never been with someone that loves her so loudly so Mlilo is the perfect person for her because he knows how a woman should be treated and the way he keeps protecting her is top tier.


He’s a 20!


You’re not going anywhere, you hear me?

Bukhosi has made it his mission to be on their backs and make sure that they end their relationship but one thing about Mlilo, he will fight and make sure that his lady is taken care of and respected.


We are shipping so hard;


We are now at a dangerous place because Mlilo wants revenge because of everything that he has done for the family without benefiting from it all so he wants to recruit Nkanyiso to rob a bank and serve Bukhosi with a plate that he believes he deserves.


We are eager to see what happens next and if there will be a happy ending or not. Tune in to #TheRiver1Magic weekdays at 20:00 on #1Magic and live on the DStv App.