Character of the week - Zolani

10 May 2022
Zolani and Emma’s life has changed forever!
Zolani The River

If anyone needs a break, it would be Zolani but life keeps throwing some hard curveballs at him just when he starts to think he has made it out of the trenches. 😥

Zolani and Emma’s relationship went through so many challenges and when it looked like things would be different when they are married, it just kept getting worse. Starting it all with a lie (okay we won’t go there 🌚) but it was never a good idea even though it was too late anyway because when Zolani found out he was already a gone boy. It soon became a thing of the past and their love for each other started growing stronger by the day.


The challenges

Emma getting raped while she was trying to build herself up as a business woman and trying to hide it all from Zolani was a very painful and hard time in their relationship and Zolani showed up for her in the most amazing way. Even though he was only protecting her, he ended up spending some time in jail which made them drift apart.


The affair

Instead of Emma holding on and supporting her man, the separation made her feel alone which led to an affair she had with Zolani’s cousin Songezo. Hectic! 😩

Even that didn’t break them. Zolani stayed and made sure that they stick to the vows they did to each other.


The accident

Now this pain is one that no parent can ever be prepared for, ever! Zolani has had to be veryy strong for his family while his wife and child got involved in an accident which caused them to end up in hospital and fighting for their lives. Zolani made everyone break down when he found out that their little flower, his princess Mbali passed away 😭, he made us feel the pain like we are going through it as well. It only gets worse because Emma was drinking and driving so it’s anyone’s guess what he’ll do when the truth comes out.


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