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The jury is still out on Andile's future - The River

07 September 2021
It gets worse by the day and hope is slowly fading.
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This has to be the hardest thing to ever happen to the softest person there is on The River and with each passing day, Andile's future seems uncertain and the information being brought forward isn't helping matters at all.

It all started when Njabulo came back into the picture and immediately chose violence by giving Andile an ultimatum of leaving his family and moving with him overseas or staying and continuing to be a baby who refuses to live anywhere but under his mother's skirt, yhuu! 😬 Needless to say this didn't go down well because he broke up with him...AGAIN and moved on his own. 😭

This was the result!

Andile going through the most and drowning his sorrows Exhibit A:


Andile continuing to down his sorrows (way too much) Exhibit B:


What happened next seemed like nothing that could be real, something that could only happen in a nightmare that you wake up from and say a long prayer after. There was a dead body, Edward Sithole's body right next to a very confused Andile and it was downhill from there.


After the shock subsided, Nomonde coming back to town to support her brother, Zolani and Emma starting their own search party in Refilwe, Beauty being interrogated about the night in question and Lindiwe and Zweli trying by all means to exhaust all options to proves Andile's innocence, there was only one thing left to do and that's to call in uBabes weCourt Sandra Stein to hopefully do the things.


With a witness finally found and brought to the stand, things took a turn for the worst when he revealed that Andile was so out of it that he even kept calling Edward "Njabulo" while stabbing him out of sadness and anger. This new informatio has left many in confusion about what actually happened and asking "Is Andile guilty or not guilty?!" and now we need to wait and see what happens next. 


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