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The Dikana Sister Wives – The River

27 June 2021
It all came crushing down on Lindiwe!
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Shock, disbelief, anger, sadness, slight happiness, frustration and any other emotion that you can think of is what The River fans have been going through since Zweli dropped a bomb that he would be taking a second wife. 😱

It all started when he found out that Lindiwe was behind Elvis’ death and it went downhill from there, Zweli swore to live his life the way he sees fit and not take into account Lindiwe’s feelings. After taking a break and going away though it seemed like they had ironed things out and starting to rebuild and fix their marriage but it became clear very quicky that forgiveness wasn’t going to come that easily because Lindiwe felt the shift.


In came Nyakallo, Flora’s niece from Lesotho who came to look for work in order to be able to pay for school and further her studies. She took over Flora’s duties at the Dikana mansion and again, it was downhill from there. She caught Zweli’s eye and as soon as Lindiwe came back, it was already too late because he was ready to ask for a divorce and take Nyakallo to be his partner in life. Sembi! Hectic!


To say that Madlabantu was heartbroken would be an understatement but she was nowhere close to giving up on her marriage as she asked Zweli to take Nyakallo as his second wife because she’d rather have crumbs of him than not have him at all! Yhuuu! 😢😭

So now it’s official, Nyakallo is definitely the new Mrs Dikana and whether this will result in a home full of laughs and love remains to be seen because one thing about Lindiwe, you can never confirm her.


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