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The Blessers Outsmart the Police – The River

30 March 2021
Mabutho's speech to their hostages got them out of a tricky situation.
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Can we get a round of applause for the gents of Refilwe?

No, we’re not advocating for theft, but given the sticky situation that Mabutho, Cobra and Khabzela found themselves in during last night’s episode of The River, they came up with a brilliant plan which they executed perfectly.

And for that, we say “Give them a Bells”.

Well, the real OG in this whole situation is Mabutho, who proved to everyone that he is a man with a plan.

Detective Moeti calls for back-up

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Detective Moeti came in guns blazing when she arrived on the scene and made it clear very early on that she takes her job very seriously. So, when she realized there was suspicious activity taking place at Legacy Bank, we knew that the gents were in some serious trouble. She called on back up and before long, Commissioner Dikana and the rest of the police had arrived and barricaded the vicinity.

Things seemed even trickier for the gents when Tshabalala’s request to call on a task team was approved, and troopers arrived at the scene with their machines. That’s when it became obvious that if the gents did not come up with a fail-proof plan, they were all going to be arrested.

Mabutho makes a plan

Commissioner Dikana alerted the gents of the police’s presence and panic immediately ensued. Khabzela went from singing Mabutho and Cobra’s praises to calling them out for getting him involved in the mess in the first place. Cobra blamed Mabutho and Khabzela for being greedy and Mabutho suspected Cobra of calling the police on them.

It was a gemors!

But Robinhood, as Mabutho has become affectionately known, was not about to go down without a fight. Fighting, however, meant being honest and open with the very people he was holding hostage. He tugged at the hostages’ heartstrings as he spoke to them about the government’s empty promises.

“Do you think there’s a minister who would accept the R350 they give to us every month and buy food for the month for his whole family?” Mabutho asked his hostages.

“If R350 is enough, why don’t they themselves steal R350?”

You could tell from their faces that the hostages were agreeing with each and every word Mabutho was saying. To be completely real with the hostages, Mabutho then took off his balaclava, followed by Cobra and Khabzela.

At that point, there was no turning back for the blessers. Their fate lay in the hands of their hostages. Together, the blessers and hostages worked together to trick the police into believing that the robbers had escaped from the bank.

Whether or not the police will believe the gents’ story remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure – Mabutho came up with a stellar plan.

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