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Nomonde And Mabutho’s Hot Romance Has Everyone Conflicted – The River

27 July 2021
How will Mabutho get out of this one?
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It has been unexpected, fast and most of all built on lies. It all started when Mabutho received a voucher from Dimpho to go dine at The Oracle which gave him the idea to go all out and pretend to be something that he’s not in order to fit in. He then invited Charlie and changed his name to Mr Sizwe Hadebe and it’s been downhill from there.


Nomonde back in town!

Lindiwe was so desperate to have Zweli back to his happy self after losing Nyakallo and if there’s one thing Lindiwe will do is make sure that she does everything in her power to see her husband happy and without a doubt, Nomonde is the perfect person to do that.


It was love at first “I thought I’d give the jet a break…”

Mr Sizwe Hadede was well into character when he got to The Oracle and charmed Nomonde right away with his talk of being a businessman and flying all over the place with his own jet!


The lovebirds have been at it ever since and they even got you talking. Some have melted at the idea of them being in love while some have been annoyed at the lies that Mabutho keeps spewing instead of being honest about who he is because it’s unfair to Nomonde.


It's not over yet and at this point it's anyone's guess just how Nomonde will react and if their journey will continue.

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