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Come Through Mrs Mops – The River

09 April 2021
Come through Pearl, The River viewers are ready for you.
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Move aside Lindiwe, Pearl has caught Zweli’s eye!

Yes, you read right. As he said vehemently, Zweli is in the dating scene again and it seems that he’s already found himself a lady. She’s beautiful, she’s sassy, she’s flirtatious and to many viewers of The River, she’s Mrs Mops honey.

Lindiwe and Zweli’s marriage has been a mess for quite some time now, and in the latest episode of The River (watch it here), it seems that Zweli meant every last word he told Lindiwe.

Although the two have not divorced, Zweli made it very clear that they were going to live very separate lives. “From now on, I’ll do as I please. I’ll go wherever I like, wear whatever I like and see whoever I like.”

To add salt to injury he concluded by saying, “As far as I’m concerned, you do not exist.”


Even though Zweli’s aggressive side is not one we’re used to seeing, one thing we know for sure is that when he’s enraged, his words carry a lot of weight. So, when he walked into The Oracle in a fitted t-shirt (not his usual style) and laid his eyes on three ladies sitting at one of the tables, it was obvious he was acting on his words.

He proceeded to order the ladies not one but two bottles of champagne, before asking if he could have a word with Pearl. Acting very coy, Pearl didn’t even hesitate as she stood up to walk outside with Mr Dikana.

And Twitter had a lot to say:

What this means for the future, remains to be seen, but for Lindiwe, it means war.

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