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Moments from a thousand journeys – The River

14 December 2021
It's been a long and entertaining ride that has led to the big 1000th episode celebration on The River!
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The much anticipated 1000th episode of The River aired this past Friday and left us wanting more. Between Andile and Njabulo's biggest and most stunning white wedding and the community of Refilwe protesting to get Lindiwe's attention and finally hear their grievances, it was all too much to handle and simply a work of art which has come as no surprise. 


We've put together some unforgettable moments since Season 1 of The River that have led to us celebrating the big 1000th episode.


The Shoot Out

In an attempt to save Dimpho, Cobra and Goliath got into a shoot out that left the Mokoenas devastated. 


One Final Heist 

Who could ever forget that Nelson Mandela bridge scene where Cobra got caught after going out for his final heist. Ahhh the things he's always done!


Vero Goes For Lindiwe's Throat

When Vero and Nomonde were brave enough to take on Lindiwe in hopes of bringing her down.


Khabzela Learning The Truth

Learning that his mother also suffered at his father's hands as well, Khabzela hurts even more than he already was and lets go of Rakgadi.


Lindiwe Shoots Gail

Not only did she kill the rebels but Lindiwe turns to Gail to confess and then continues to kill her too. Simply shocking and unforgettable.


Tumi Kills Mbali

At the end of season 2, Tumi's attempt to kill Lindiwe results in her tempering with the car that Mbali drives instead and ends up killing her. The most heartbreaking!


Confirming Emma's Pregnancy

One thing Lindiwe and Zolani will do is come together to get to the bottom of a problem no matter what and that was the case here when Emma reappeared with a baby bump and they of course went out to find out if indeed she was pregnant. 


I Want To Marry You Because I Love You

No one saw Zweli ever switching up on Lindiwe but the good sis Nyakallo came in and turned his head then walked with him down the aisle. 


Lindiwe Poisons Elvis

Elvis came along and left a mark okay! After throwing threat after threat to Lindiwe about what he saw, she finally gets enough and tired of it and does the most outrageous thing which was to poison him before he could sing like a canary.


Lindiwe Takes Tumi Out!

While and Zolani were celebrating their nuptials, Lindiwe was getting ready to deal with Tumi after learning she might be spilling all her secrets but killing her left all of us shook!


You can also watch an epic montage of all these moments HERE in celebration of the 1000th episode!


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