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Matters of the heart - The River

23 August 2021
Refilwe has turned into maratofontein!
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If there is one thing that one cannot control and tell what to do, is the heart and such has been the case with the lovebirds on The River. This has come with its own challenges aka family, trust issues and even lies but when you are set on the one you love, almost nothing can hold you back.


Inhliziyo ayiphakelwa 

"A heart doesn't choose" and just like that Mabutho had made his way to Nomonde's heart and she couldn't see her life without him. It all started under a disguise of "Sizwe Hadebe" and looked like that was going to be the end of it all when Nomonde found out but it was already too late because they were already too deep into it and madly in love that it wouldn't make sense to break up. 


As a protective father, Zweli was determined to do anything in his power including making threats in order to make sure this relationship doesn't happen but that only pushed Nomonde into Mabutho's hands and right into Refilwe. The soft life has always been Nomonde's and living in the township came with its own challenges especially after they both lost their jobs and sadly Mabutho saw it best to focus on being a better and accomplished man that Nomonde deserves, we're not crying you are! 😭


I'm not ready or am I?

In comes Flora and Mohumi, now who would've seen this one coming? Mohumi came back into the picture after being released from prison for his break in at the Dikana mansion, holding everyone in it at gunpoint including the Mokoena family. Flora being the saviour of Refilwe, took it upon herself to help bring peace between him and the Mokoenas as well as secure a job for him at Paulina's tavern and it didn't take long for him to charm everyone and get back into their good books.


The bible verses did the things because soon enough Flora started to see another side of him but the fear of being used and dumped by a man again scared her too much to try and give love another chance but that changed when Rakgadi played matchmaker and made them see that when love knocks, one should open and welcome it.


I don't want to hurt her anymore

Angelina Mthombeni is back and she is a woman in love...with Thuso Mokoena, yes Thuso! No one seemed to believe that both of them had changed and ready to turn their lives around and work for their children but this seems true for Angelina but Thuso on the other side is very sketchy. They have both agreed that they will give their love another chance but with Thuso sneaking around with the Minister who made it possible for them to get the tender, it doen't look too promising for the couple.


All we can say is there will be scenes should Angelina Mthombeni find out!


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