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Love Comes Out On Top – The River

17 May 2021
In the end, everyone should live their lives just the way they choose to!
Tshepiso the river

Tshepiso’s journey hasn’t been the easiest one and to say it also has been unfair, would be an understatement. It all started when the one person who should love and support her at all times unconditionally, her mother Augustine turned her back on her and chased her out of their home for being lesbian and choosing to live in her truth.

As if things weren’t bad enough, Thuso, Khabzela and Charlie were out to make her feel unwelcome in the community as well and determined to make her life even harder to live.

Fortunately, the Mokoena family minus Thuso were the pillar of strength that Tshepiso so desperately needed. Dimpho was a friend indeed by helping her with a place to stay while Rakgadi stepped up as a mother figure for her and an incredible advisor especially when she found her drunk at Paulina’s tavern and encouraged her to not give up and stand up to fight for her life and allow herself to rise and be happy despite the community and mother not being there for her. This not only struck a nerve with Tshepiso, but with some of the community members including Thuso, Khabzela and Charlie who started to regret their actions.

After all of this, Tshepiso was in high spirits even securing a job at Paulina’s tavern and doing what she is so passionate about which is life in hospitality but this quickly turned when some community members proved that they were still thinking backwards and not allowing her to love who she loves. They attacked he while people looked on and left her to die until Mabutho found her on the street.

And now, hope and happiness at last! After all the heartache and tears the community came together to rally behind Tshepiso. After Mabutho and Thuso caught the attackers and gave them a taste of their own medicine, many people’s eyes were opened and they realised that unjustified attacks because of one’s sexuality must stop.

At the march that was all about love above everything else organised by the Refilwe residents, Tshepiso’s mother finally came through to express her sadness and disappointment with not supporting her child and committed to changing her ways and loving her just as she is!




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