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Lindiwe’s Marriage is Falling Apart Right Before Her Eyes – The River

09 April 2021
And there’s little she can do about it.
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The last few episodes of The River have been nothing short of nail-biting suspense. This as Lindiwe and Zweli’s marriage, hangs on a very flimsy thread. Every effort Lindiwe has put into not losing the love of her life, has been met with anger and rejection.

Zweli meets Madlabantu

Two characteristics Zweli values more than anything especially in his marriage is honesty and trust. For a very long time, Zweli has put his wife on a pedestal, missing every sign, clue, symptom, you name it, of the person she really is.

However, that all changed when the forensic report of the identity of the person behind Elvis’s death was none other than his Lala. His whole world turned upside down as everything he had believed Lindiwe was, turned out to be anything but the truth.

Unaware of the incriminating evidence Zweli had uncovered, Lindiwe was completely thrown off when Lethu threw one fact after the other of her involvement in Elvis’s death in her face.

Of course, Lindiwe being the master liar that she is, tried to deny any involvement in the case. But Zweli wasn’t about to fall for her lies again and pushed her to tell the truth until she cracked and broke her mantra of denying everything.

Lindiwe cleans up Zweli’s mess

Unable to handle the truth about his wife, Zweli drunk himself silly and drove himself away from the lodge only to get himself entangled in another mess. He woke up from his state of unconsciousness to find that he had not only driven into a taxi full of people but that some passengers had died from the accident.

Now, the next part is what puzzles everyone.

Why is it that the first person he called was the same Lindiwe he didn’t want to see? No one knows.

Anyway, Lindiwe rushed to the accident scene and seeing the mess Zweli had created, ordered Tshabalala to take care of everything. But instead of thanking his wife for saving him from a prison sentence, Zweli called out his wife for her actions and unravelled even more dirty secrets about her.

Now more than ever, Zweli cannot stand the sight of Lindiwe who is trying everything she can to save her marriage. Is divorce the next step?

The River airs Monday to Friday at 20:00 on 1 Magic.