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Cobra Will be on “I Blew It” – The River

07 April 2021
Because he's doing a lot.
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Cobra’s selfishness has been brought to light again, but he’s taken things too far now. Chief Thuso Opulence, a pseudonym he adopted to fit his newly found lavish lifestyle, has been living his best life with Dipapas and Mapercente with money he stole.

The trouble started when Mabutho, Khabzela and Thuso hid R2 million at a secret location only they were meant to know. The agreement between the gents was to keep the money hidden until the police investigations into the bank robbery had died down. Cobra being the snake that he is, wanted the guys to dig up the money and forget about the police. However, Mabutho and Khabzela wouldn’t budge.

Tired of living like a pauper when he is supposedly rich, Cobra went and helped himself to the money. Not a portion of it – he took every last cent. And instead of at least spending some of the money on his family, Cobra decided to book himself, Oupa and Percy into one of the best hotels Jozi has to offer and blow the money on cars, booze and girls.

We’re talking presidential suites, Egyptian cotton sheets, the most expensive champagne and driving around in luxury cars, Cobra has been blowing that R2 million like it’ll never run it.

Cobra’s actions have had money people on Twitter suggesting that he’ll soon be on I Blew It:

While Thuso has run away from his problems, his problems have certainly not taken the same direction. News travels first and has reached the ears of his family and friends, especially Mabutho who is pissed with him.

Will Thuso live to see another day after tonight? Catch new episodes of The River weekdays at 20:00 on 1 Magic.